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Apply for our AVITI™ for Microbiology Grant

Access to high quality, affordable genomics data is a critical need in in advancing our understanding...

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Want to know how Element’s AVITI stack up against the competitor?

The recent acquisition of an Element AVITI platform at Cornell has helped...

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The ibidi Culture-Insert Family

Bring Consistency to Your Migration Experiments Looking for an easy, efficient, and reliable solution for wound healing and migration assays?

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Art and Science of 3D Cell Culture Through Microscopy

Explore the captivating realm of 3D cell culture in our latest blog. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking....

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Elembio AVITI for Oncologgy Grant

Accelerate your biomarker discovery, early detection, cancer evolution, immuno-oncology...

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Accuracy of Element Biosciences Avidity Sequencing

Publication Highlights: Accuracy of Element Biosciences Avidity Sequencing...

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CollaFibR™ scaffolds for 3D cell culture

Explore CollaFibR™ scaffolds for 3D cell culture! 3DBioFibR scaffolds deliver a highly consistent collagen fibre matrix...

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Element Biosciences: Cloudbreak™ Flow Cells Enable Any Application at Any Scale

Scale sample batching, extend read length, or run targeted panels.

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3DBioFibR: Collagen Fibers for in-vitro Tissue Engineering

3DBioFibR’s patented and fully automated dry-spinning technology enables production...

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Want to get to pathogenic genomic insights?

With Bionano optical genome mapping (OGM) you can finally detect previously unseen, pathogenic variants, in hematological malignancies.

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5 Methods to Analyze Chemotaxis: Recent Studies Explained.

Explore 5 different experimental approaches for examining chemotaxis, spanning across diverse fields such as:

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Introducing Element AVITI™ System – Unparalleled Performance and Affordable Benchtop Sequencer!

AVITI is a benchtop sequencing system that reimagines every component with your needs in mind.

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A Tech Tip for You: Five Steps to Successful Cell Membrane Staining & Imaging

Tips for success with Biotium’s line of CellBrite® and MemBrite® membrane and cell surface stains.

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Twist Bioscience Video Series – Innovative Synthetic Biology Applications

Did You Know that Tumour Evolution is A Significant Problem for Drug Developers?

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Twist NEW cfDNA Pan-Cancer Reference Standard v2!

Introducing Twist NEW cfDNA Pan-Cancer Reference Standard v2 to assist researchers in the development of NGS-based assays.

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TheWell Bioscience VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kit Video Protocol

Explore How ECM Stiffness & Composition Influence Cell Mobility with VitroGel® Video Protocol

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