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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 ibidi Paper Award!

ibidi completed their search for Early Career Scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of immunology research.

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On-Demand Webinar: An end-to-end rethinking of transcript assembly

Join us for a two-part webinar presentation where we will explore the critical role of accurate transcript annotation in understanding...

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Matrigel Alternative: Animal-free functional VitroGel hydrogels for organoids, stem cells, invasion assay and more

Are you culturing organoids in Matrigel to harvest later? VITROGEL® is a ready-to-use hydrogel...

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Brighten those DNA Bands with Biotium’s Laser-Powered Gel Imager

The Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator features a novel laser diode-based illumination technology that offers exceptional performance...

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Experience a New Standard in Exome Sequencing

Targeted Sequencing is an effective way to save on sequencing costs by focusing on specific genes or regions of interest. But even good, targeted sequencing panels...

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Empower your RNA-Seq Experiments with CORALL & QuantSeq

QuantSeq technology focuses on the 3’ ends of all polyadenylated transcripts in your sample. Starting from total RNA, an oligo(dT).

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Check out the new ibidi Movie series "Microscopy With ibidi"!

Want to improve your microscopy images?
Check out the new ibidi Movie series and learn how to get brilliant images every time.

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Choose Your Preferred Collagen I: Rat or Bovine

ibidi now offers two versions of Collagen Type I with different origins - rat tail and bovine, to better match your preferences and applications.

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Sciencewerke & HMT: Metabolomics in Infectious Disease Research

Metabolomics is defined as the comprehensive analysis of the types and concentrations of metabolites. When metabolism is affected...

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