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Elembio AVITI for Oncologgy Grant


Accelerate your biomarker discovery, early detection, cancer evolution, immuno-oncology, or other cancer research project with the 2024 AVITI for Oncology Grant, sponsored by Element and AmpSeq.

Access to high quality, affordable genomics data is a critical need in advancing cancer research to improves the lives of all people. The AVITI for Oncology Grant is an opportunity to push your science further, faster with free sequencing services from Element Biosciences and AmpSeq.

Open to any proposal relevant to cancer research.

In 250 words or fewer, tell us how you will shift your science with a grant of sequencing services that includes:

  • Up to 48 library preps, or a combination of sample and library prep services of equivalent value
  • Up to two 2 x 150 high-output sequencing flow cells, generating 1 billion reads or 300 Gb of data each.

  • Additional services from AmpSeq beyond the scope of the grant can be made available on a fee for service basis.

    Application dates: 7 April – 17 May 2024

    Click here to submit your grant application.

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