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One-Stop Solution for Epitope Mapping


Discover how PEPperPRINT GmbH services simplify and streamline epitope mapping for both B- and T-cells with this new application note. By seamlessly combining PEPperCHIPĀ® Peptide Microarrays with T-cell activation assays, you will be able to uncover the intricate relationship between these vital components of the immune system. This approach provides an efficient and effective way to map B-cell and T-cell receptor epitopes simultaneously.

Empower your research with a one-stop solution for immune fingerprint alayses. Unlock the future of epitope mapping and explore new horizons in your immunology research.

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Anti-Drug Antibodies Use-Case: In response to reported side effects for brolucizumab in 2020, a group of Novartis scientists identified a class-switched, high-affinity immune response against multiple epitopes by anti-brolucizumab antibodies.

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T-Cell Services for Cancer Research: Learn how our T-cell services can support your cancer research and the development of cancer immunotherapies. From the validation of neoantigens and the analysis of cytokines to TCR sequencing and more.

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