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The New µ-Slide 1 Well


A New µ-Slide Developed From Costumer Requests

At ibidi, what the customer says matters. You asked for a larger growth and microscopy area, so we developed the µ-Slide 1 Well.

The µ-Slide 1 Well Family

Ideal for experiments with high cell numbers and reagent volumes

Optimal for expansive surface applications (e.g., bioprinting, tissue engineering)

High-resolution imaging through a No. 1.5 coverslip bottom with the highest optical quality


The larger growth area is ideal for various applications such as bioprinting.

Discover the Extensive Range of ibidi’s Chambered Coverslips

Produced with 1 to 18 wells for unparalleled experimental flexibility

Consistent quality for unrestricted, high-end microscopy

Available with a tissue culture-treated ibidi Polymer Coverslip bottom or a glass coverslip bottom

The ibidi Chambered Coverslip Variety


Click here for more information on ibidi’s range of chambered coverslips.

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