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Meet Nio+ The next leap forward in digital PCR


Nio+ is a versatile, all-in-one, fit-for-throughput, digital PCR instrument with unparalleled user-friendliness. It is easy to use, fast and highly automated.

Core Capabilities

Whether you need to process hundreds of samples a day or run highly multiplexed experiments, Nio+ supports labs regardless of size, and has your use cases covered.



Our Chip Plates work much like standard SBS plates. They hold 48 samples, are distanced at 9mm to suit your multichannel pipette, and work nicely with your existing Hamilton, Tecan, Opentrons or other similar liquid handling machinery.


Capacity of 768 Chambers

In any 8-hour span of laboratory work, Nio+ offers a capacity of 768 chambers processed. With 2 thermocyclers and a smart Chip Plate queue built in, you could process over 768 chambers.


Continuous Loading

Laboratory work is not easy to schedule. Nio+ allows you to add Chip Plates whenever you want, whether the instrument is running an experiment or not. Your team can prepare experiments on the machine as it is running, or in serenity on any PC in the lab office.



No messing around with oils, no transferring plates, no nothing. You add sample & mix to the Chip Plates, insert them and press play. Digital PCR in an all-in-one instrument. Measuring just 56cm by 67cm, the Nio+ fits in any lab.


7 Colours

Nio+ is the only 7-color instrument on the market, giving you easy access to 7 target capabilities. For even higher plexed assays, you can combine colours to achieve well over 20 targets in a single chamber; natively supported in our software.

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