WesternBright Quantum HRP substrate

Quantitative chemiluminescent Western blotting

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  • Introduction

    Sensitive – detect attomoles of protein per band.
    Quantitative – linear range of signal with respect to protein amount exceeds 3 orders of magnitude
    Versatile – Optimized for CCD imaging, and compatible with film detection. Chemifluorescent emissions can be detected with fluorescence imaging systems
    Low background – for high signal to noise ratio
    Long lasting signal – image blots hours after substrate incubation”


    WesternBright Quantum chemiluminescent substrate sets the bar for sensitivity and quantitative ability. Specially developed for CCD imaging, WesternBright Quantum produces a strong, long-lasting signal with extremely low background, perfect for detecting low abundance proteins. Since it does not exhibit substrate depletion at high protein loads, WesternBright Quantum provides the largest dynamic range of any chemiluminescent substrate for the most quantitative chemiluminescent Western experiments.