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 Sciencewerke is a group of sales, marketing and distribution companies focused on cutting-edge and emerging technologies in biomedical and life sciences. We provide instruments, reagents, consumables and services for the scientific, clinical, biotech and pharma communities.

Sciencewerke (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is a forward-thinking and innovative “one-stop” solution provider of reputable and reliable life science, biomedical and clinical equipment, reagents and consumables for the academic, institutional and private sectors in Myanmar. Our highly trained and technically competent team live by our mantra of “Total Customer Satisfaction”. Constantly innovating and committed towards high standards, Sciencewerke (Myanmar) Co., Ltd portfolio encompasses market-leading Genomics, Proteomics, Cellomics, Pre-Clinical Imaging, Clinical & Molecular Diagnostics and General Laboratory solutions. Incorporated on 24th May 2017, Sciencewerke (Myanmar) is an affiliate of the Sciencewerke Group. Founded in 2005, the Sciencewerke Group is headquartered in Singapore and has affiliates in Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

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  • Making Science Work For You

    Sciencewerke is a leading Lifesciences and Biomedical distribution company with headquarters in Singapore and offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. We work very closely with a global network of authorized manufacturers and partners, which enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We constantly strive to create an enduring value and make things better in a meaningful way—for our company, our customers, and the world.

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    A Division Of Sciencewerke Pte Ltd

    Sciencewerke DX

    Another division of Sciencewerke is SciencewerkeDX. SciencewerkeDX works with market-leading innovative diagnostic companies across multiple medical specialties to provide doctors, patients, and their families with proprietary actionable genetic and molecular diagnostic tests that will allow for better medical management and treatment decisions, leading to better quality of life.
    SciencewerkeDX — Better tests. Better care. Better lives.

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