Milo™ is the world’s first Single-Cell Western platform. He measures protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run so you can profile heterogeneity in your samples. Just load your cell suspension and the scWest chip captures ~1,000 single-cells. Milo then does a fast, 1 minute SDS-PAGE separation on each single-cell lysate on-chip. Then just probe with your favorite conventional Western antibodies to measure up to 4 proteins per cell simultaneously. Use Single-Cell Westerns to unlock the single-cell proteome and measure more of the proteome than is possible with any other single-cell technique.

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  • Introduction

    Milo measures protein expression in ~1,000 single-cells in one 4 hour experiment so you can quantify expression heterogeneity of your target and the percentage of cells in your sample that are target positive.


    Requirements & compatibility

    Sample typeSuspension containing >10,000 cells
    Cell diameter7-25 µm
    Cell typeMammalian cells; globular in suspension and unfixed
    Antibody requirementStandard, commercial unlabeled primaries and fluorescent secondaries
    Other equipment neededOpen-format fluorescence microarray scanner capable of 10 µm resolution

    Performance & specifications

    Typical cell dilutionsYield capture and analysis of 1,000-2,000 cells per scWest chip
    Molecular weight (MW) range15-175 kDa
    MW resolution10% differences in distinct spectral channels, as low as 30% differences in same spectral channel
    Typical target multiplexingUp to four proteins per cell by spectral and size-based multiplexing
    Workflow time4-6 hours