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Twist Bioscience Seminar – Accelerating the CRISPR

Join Julian Jude, Scientific Development Manager of Twist Bioscience for a seminar

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Norgen Biotek MasterClass: Enhancing Precision

Accurate data and conclusive test results are critical to making the right decisions.

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ibidi Online Course: Cultivation of Cells in 3D

The majority of cells in living tissue grow in a three-dimensional (3D) microenvironment.

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PEPperPRINT Webinar: Unconventional Druggable

Fibrillar protein aggregates have been attracting drug targets for a long.

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Kopi & C Talk with RSC: End-to-end Workflow

Join us for an exciting webinar on “End-to-end Workflow for Cell Culture Under Flow"

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Thank You for Joining Us @ RSC Roadshow Matrix B2, 10 Nov 2022!

We’ve just wrapped up another roadshow @RSC last Thursday afternoon, 10 Nov! It was a pleasure meeting everyone over cups of Nespresso coffee.

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Advancing PCR and Its Applications in Viruses and Microbes Detection

Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, is a powerful and precise laboratory technique for detecting and amplifying target DNA sequences...

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Thank you for joining us at the 10th Annual Biomedical Scientific Congress 2022!

We’ve just wrapped up our 2-day participation at the 10th Annual Biomedical Scientific Congress 2022.

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Attend the Handling of the ibidi Pump System Online Course & Receive a FREE Cup of Coffee/Tea!

Register and attend “Handling of the ibidi Pump System” online course by ibidi on 11 October 2022, from 10am – 12.30pm SGT

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