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Empower your RNA-Seq Experiments with CORALL & QuantSeq

QuantSeq technology focuses on the 3’ ends of all polyadenylated transcripts in your sample. Starting from total RNA, an oligo(dT) initiates reverse transcription (first strand synthesis) and random priming (second strand synthesis) completes cDNA library generation.

CORALL technology covers the whole length of the RNA molecule and uses patented displacement-stop oligos to generate fragments all along the gene. Paired with RiboCop for rRNA depletion, CORALL allows to study non-coding RNA (e.g., lncRNA); when combined with Lexogen’s poly(A) selection kit, CORALL will help you decipher the full mRNA transcript.

They both offer shared benefits :

Click here for more information on Lexogen CORALL and QuantSeq technology.

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