Immunoassays come with lots of challenges. Even after multiple steps, hours in the lab and hours analyzing data, results are only acceptable at best. This is especially true for drug development researchers who are constantly challenged by the reproducibility and variability of an immunoassay. Additional difficulty occurs when transferring an assay from one department to another or from one department to a contract research organization. Not anymore. Meet Ella.
Ella’s your immunoassay problem solver. Her Simple Plex assays are hands-free, single or multi-analyte with no cross-reactivity, and reproducible even across multiple labs. All those issues you deal with every day? Gone.

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  • Introduction

    There’s no need to split your time between running assays in the lab and analyzing answers at your desk. Simply add your sample and buffers to the Simple Plex cartridge, put it in Ella and start your run. There’s only 10-15 minutes of hands-on assay prep time, and she gives you fully analyzed answers in an hour!


    Sample Volume Required2.5 to 25 µL
    Analytes per SampleUp to 4 independent Simple Plex assays per sample
    Throughput72 samples with 1 analyte, or 16 samples with up to 4 analytes
    Hands-on Time5 minutes
    Time to Result60 minutes
    ReproducibilitySingle-digit CVs, results in triplicate
    Dynamic Range4-5 logs
    Cross-reactivityN/A, Simple Plex assays are run in parallel in individual channels