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PrimeStore® MTM

PrimeStore MTM is intended for the stabilisation, transportation and inactivation of infectious unprocessed nasal washes suspected of containing COVID-19 RNA from human samples.

FDA Cleared Sample Collection Device for Safer, Faster, No Cold Chain Shipping and Testing

  • PrimeStore® MTM is FDA cleared for nasal specimens and sputum, core specimens for coronavirus testing
  • PrimeStore® MTM is cleared for the inactivation of microbes in both nasal specimens and sputum eliminating need for hazardous shipping packaging and handling.
  • PrimeStore® MTM is cleared for stabilization of RNA for up to 8 days at ambient temperature, eliminating cold chain shipping requirements.

Device description

The PrimeStore MTM device consists of a storage tube with an O-ring and lip seal containing 1.5 mL of the stabilization solution. These components are intended to inactivate viruses and microbials, lyse cells, disrupt/lyse lipid membranes, denatures proteins, inactivates enzymes, and stabilize RNA and DNA. The transport device is designed for storage of specimens between 2-25 °C.

PrimeStore® MTM is compatible with a wide range of spin column and bead based extraction systems providing high quality RNA, DNA, mRNA for molecular analysis.

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