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Year: 2021

Need High Throughput for Your Cell Culture

High-resolution cell microscopy on a tissue culture-treated surface Brilliant fluorescence imaging without autofluorescence Ready for HTS and robotics: compliant with ANSI / SLAS (SBS)

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Why Single-Cell Westerns?

Many cell populations, such as tumor cells or differentiating stem cells, are heterogeneous. Protein expression measurements made at the population level often overlook significant differences in expression between individual cells and the existence of cell subpopulations.

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Latest in high content screening

With Etaluma’s high resolution, versatile, and compact inverted microscope, you can finally get the big picture without the big ticket price!.

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Stain mitochondria and lysosomes in live cells

Fluorescent Mitochondrial & Lysosome Stains Biotium offers bright, non-toxic organelle stains, now with more color options. Highly specific, rapid staining with no wash step required...

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