Twist Express Genes - Now with Expanded Express Genes Rapid Synthesis Service

Unlock your research possibilities faster with our NGS-verified, sequence perfect Clonal Genes, shipped to you in as few as 5 days*.


What you can expect when you partner with Twist:


Each sequence is verified via Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), you can trust the authenticity of our genes for dependable results.


Express Genes are available for sequences ranging from 0.3 kb or 5.0 kb in length. All sequences within this range are synthesized in as few as 5 days to keep your research moving forward.


Say goodbye to long waiting times! Our Express service gets you to the bench faster with Clonal Genes shipped to you in as few as 5 days* following order submission.


Choose from an extensive collection of Twist catalog vectors covering various organisms to meet all your research requirements or onboard your own vector.

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  • For a limited time until March 31, 2024, Twist Bioscience is offering standard Clonal Genes at the Express Gene turn-around time with no additional charges.

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    Please contact any of our Sciencewerke sales representatives at or call +65 6777 1045 to find out more.

    *Terms and Conditions: Express Clonal Genes ship in 5–7 business days. Turnaround time will vary based on complexity and length of the sequence. Orders placed outside of the US will incur additional delivery turnaround time. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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