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DNA Your Way: think bigger, expand your scope, and accelerate discovery.

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    Performance At Scale

    Our silicon-based, high-precision DNA synthesis platform results in higher quality genes and significantly increased throughput and scalability.
    We offer both Clonal Genes and Gene Fragments for your research needs:

    Clonal Genes are synthesized DNA cloned into a plasmid vector and NGS sequence verified.
    Gene Fragments are linear synthesized DNA sequences for direct cloning or larger gene assembly.

    Twist’s Genes offering gives you the flexibility to get the DNA you want, the way you want it. Think bigger, expand your design scope, and accelerate discovery.

    New Features for Clonal Genes

    Our Clonal Genes products have been enhanced with additional plasmid prep sizes and other options including normalization, endotoxin-free DNA, and a variety of tube and plate options to meet your research needs.

    Introducing our new Express Genes service

    Twist Bioscience’s Express Genes service provides you with the same NGS-verified, sequence perfect Clonal Genes you would expect from our standard Clonal Genes but with the added bonus of an all-time fast order to ship turnaround time of 5-7 business days.

    See below for our full Clonal Genes offering:

    *Terms and Conditions: Eligible Express Genes ship in 5-7 business days. This time will vary based on complexity and length of the sequence. Orders placed outside of the US will incur additional delivery turnaround time. Turnaround time for Clonal Genes is subject to change based on customizations and complexity. Average turnaround time for Clonal Genes is 10-15 business days. New vector onboarding for both Express Genes and Clonal Genes will add additional time. Pricing calculator only refers to Gene Fragments and Clonal Genes offering, not inclusive of Express Genes service pricing.

    For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Procedures.



    Learn how scientists are using Twist Genes in the Pandemic Protection Platform program, an accelerated antibody development process that aims to provide access to treatments within 60 days.

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