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Choose Your Preferred Collagen I: Rat or Bovine

ibidi now offers two versions of Collagen Type I with different origins - rat tail and bovine, to better match your preferences and applications.

Use the ibidi Collagens for:

Building a 3D scaffold for organoids and spheroids
Creating biological extracellular matrices (ECM) for 3D cell culture
Promoting cell attachment with a collagen coating

Why ibidi Collagens?

The ibidi collagens are non-pepsinized, because they are acid-extracted instead of pepsin-extracted, like other collagens. This method and the very mild manufacturing process preserve a maximal nativity. With their high quality and purity, ibidi collagens ensure reproducible experiments.

Both collagens are in stock and available for shipping.

Click here for more details.

Header Image: Live cell imaging of HT-1080 LifeAct-GFP2 cells in Collagen Type I, Bovine gel (2 mg/ml) on an ibidi Polymer Coverslip. Z-stack with color-coded fluorescence, indicating the distance from the substrate. Imaged with the ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 (LLS7) microscope.

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