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Cell Invasion Assay Kit - VitroGel®: Easy-to-use and consistent in-depth cell invasion studies


Break the barrier of cell invasion assays. Your gateway for an easy-to-use and consistent in-depth cell invasion studies.

Traditional in vitro invasion assays have relied on animal-based extracellular matrices, which come with challenges like undefined components, batch-to-batch variability, and cumbersome temperature-sensitive protocols, thus leading to inconsistent and inaccurate studies.

The VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kit (powered by VitroGel®) – is a ground-breaking xeno-free, bio-functional hydrogel that closely mimics the physiological extracellular matrix coupled with our premium quality VitroPrime™ Cell Culture Inserts allowing more accurate and consistent invasion and migration studies than animal-based ECM.


VitroGel offers the ability to tune the biophysical and biochemical properties, allowing researchers to explore how different matrix strengths, ligands, chemokines, growth factors, and more influence cell invasion.


Go beyond traditional assays. Study unique invasion studies only with the VitroGel system.


Learn more about the VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kits.

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