VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits

Xeno-free hydrogel system for consistent study of invasion of tumour cells. Kit includes choice of hydrogel with VitroPrime™ Cell Culture Inserts, 8 µm, PET, 12/PK.

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  • Introduction

    Your gateway for easy-to-use and consistent in-depth cell invasion studies.

    Cell invasion, a vital process in various biological contexts, can be pivotal in embryonic development, immunosurveillance, and wound healing while also playing a concerning role in cancer metastasis. Traditional in vitro invasion assays have relied on animal-based extracellular matrices, which come with challenges like undefined components, batch-to-batch variability, and cumbersome temperature-sensitive protocols, thus leading to inconsistent and inaccurate studies.

    The VitroGel-Based Invasion Assay Kits are powered by VitroGel® hydrogels (versatile, xeno-free, bio-functional hydrogels that closely mimic the physiological extracellular matrix) and coupled with our premium quality VitroPrime™ Cell Culture Inserts, allowing more accurate and consistent invasion and migration studies than animal-based ECM. Start with the Ready-To-Use VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kit (which includes our VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix) for traditional cell invasion assay studies. Go further with any of the tunable VitroGel “High Concentration” Cell Invasion Assay Kits where the biophysical and biochemical properties are tunable, allowing researchers to explore how different matrix strengths, ligands, chemokines, growth factors, and more influence cell invasion. Whether using the Ready-to-use VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix or any of the tunable high-concentration VitroGel hydrogels, they can be used for this cell invasion assay, providing versatility for cell mobility studies.

    Benefits of the VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kit

    Benefits comparison to traditional animal-based ECM for cell invasion studies


    Specifications :

    Use Cell Invasion, cell migration, co-culture, barrier model
    Inserts8 µm, PET, Transparent, Sterile. 12 inserts/plate
    Ready to Use Kit ContentsVitroGel Hydrogel Matrix + VitroPrime Cell Culture Inserts
    Tunable Matrix Kits VitroGel High Concentration hydrogel + VitroPrime Cell Culture Inserts
    FormulationXeno-free, functional hydrogel2)
    Number of Uses 1 mL hydrogel per 12 plate inserts
    Storage Store hydrogel at 2-8°C. Ships at ambient temperature