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Brighten those DNA Bands with Biotium’s Laser-Powered Gel Imager

The Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator features a novel laser diode-based illumination technology that offers exceptional performance for a wide selection of fluorescent dyes.

Key Features :

Novel laser diode illumination: Superior performance for imaging fluorescent gels

Brighter signal: More sensitive than UV for green dyes

Versatile: Works well with both green and red dyes, unlike blue LED illuminators

Safer: Eliminates UV light hazards for user and DNA samples

A Powerful & Versatile Gel Illuminator

Gel-Bright™ Imaging Hood included with purchase of the Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator

Allows you to capture a great image with your phone

Also available as a standalone accessory

Superior Performance Over Blue Led Illuminators

Click here to view comparison between:

Safe Imager™ vs. Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator

Old Gel-Bright™ vs. Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator

Compatible with widely-used ethidium bromide, SYBR® Safe, and other dyes:

GelGreen® and GelRed® Nucleic Acid Gel Stains

EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye

Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)

EvaGreen® Dye (Biotium) (direct detection of EvaGreen® PCR products)

One-Step Lumitein™ and SYPRO® Ruby Protein Gel Stains

SYBR® Green (Thiazole Green), SYBR® Gold (Oxazole Gold), SYBR® Safe, and similar dyes for imaging fluorescent gels

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