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Twist Bioscience Video Series – Innovative Synthetic Biology Applications


Twist Video Series 1

Did You Know that Tumour Evolution is A Significant Problem for Drug Developers?

Learn how Twist is helping drug developers characterize and catalogue mutations in KRAS through large-scale saturation mutagenesis screens.

Twist Video Series 2

Did You Know that Ionic Charge can Affect Antibody-Target Binding?

Learn how Twist helped a leading pharmaceutical company precisely interrogate key residues involved in both target recognition and antibody charge by synthesizing combinatorial variant libraries.

Twist Video Series 3

Did You Know that CAR-T Cell Therapy Requires Multiple Levels of Protein Engineering?

Learn how Twist enabled researchers to narrow in on better, more effective CAR constructs for cell therapy through large scale synthesis and testing of more than 8000 CAR constructs with each differing in variant domain combinations.

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