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Start This Fall with a FREE 3D Cell Culture Sample Pack

Working in 3D Cell Culture / Organoid and looking for products that are easier to use while delivering consistent results? For a limited time, get a 3D cell culture sample pack which includes:

VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix or VitroGel® ORGANOID-3 - Our robust and proven animal-free hydrogel that mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM) for 3D cell culture or organoid culture.

VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution - Our non-enzymatic solution to recover cells fast and efficiently.

Cyto3D® Live-Dead Assay Kit - Our easy-to-use dual fluorescence assay for 3D cell culture.

VitroGel® Hydrogel System

VitroGel® hydrogels are ready-to-use, animal-free, bio functional hydrogel that mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM) and supports cell growth and differentiation with consistent results. Achieve more reproducible assays with a defined system without unknown proteins. Open the door for your cell culture assays towards clinical.


Support wide range of organoid samples

Animal-free. Defined system.

Room temperature stable/operation

No lot-to-lot variation for reproducibility

VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix

Animal-free. Defined system.

Room temperature stable/operation

No lot-to-lot variation for reproducibility

Easy-to-use. Automatable.

VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution

A non-enzymatic cell harvesting solution for quick and efficient recovery of cells or organoids cultured in an animal-based ECM or with VitroGel® hydrogels. For organoids/cells cultured in an animal-based ECM, achieve fast 2-minute ECM dissociation safely and efficiently.

Fast ECM Dissociation

Recovery from both animal-based ECM and VitroGel hydrogels.

Stable non-enzymatic formulation

3D and 2D ECM

Cyto3D® Live-Dead Assay Kit

This easy-to-use dual-fluorescence assay is developed to accurately determine live/dead nucleated cells. The kit is recommended for viability analysis of cells cultured in 3D, 2D coating, or monolayer. Works with cells cultured with animal-based ECM as well as our xeno-free hydrogels.




Excellent for 3D cell cultures


Upcoming Webinar!

Join us on our upcoming webinar and see how our hydrogels and solutions are used for hiPSC maintenance and intestinal organoid generation.

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