Selection Antibiotic Solutions

For stable cell line generation
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G418 Sulfate Antibiotic Solution
Hygromycin B Antibiotic Solution
Puromycin Dihydrochloride Antibiotic Solution

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  • Introduction

    Mirus offers high quality cell culture grade selection antibiotics with the following features:
    Ease of use – Sterile filtered ready-to-use stock solutions for stable cell line generation
    High Purity – Greater than 90% purity determined by HPLC
    High Potency – In combination with high purity ensures better selection at optimal concentrations

    Stable cell line generation allows for sustained expression of an exogenous gene which is commonly enriched and maintained through the use of selection antibiotics such as G418, Hygromycin B, Puromycin, etc. Resistance to these antibiotics is conferred through the expression of a positive selection gene: neomycin resistance (neo), hygromycin resistance (hph) and puromycin-N-acetyl-transferase (pac) genes, respectively.


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