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Webinar: Protein Engineering at Illumina

High throughput screening with Twist Variant Libraries

27 Sep 2023, Wed | 10AM SGT

The R&D team at Illumina continuously drives innovations in DNA sequencing technologies. In the protein engineering group, new proteins that are crucial in launching new Illumina products are developed. Hear from Dr. Lin Hui Chang, Senior Scientist at Illumina, on how they use variant libraries and high throughput screenings to identify beneficial variants with improved performances.

What You’ll Learn

New proteins are crucial in the launching of new Illumina products.

The R&D team performs protein engineering to develop proteins with beneficial and improved functions.

Twist libraries facilitate the high throughput screening of proteins.

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Lin Hui Chang, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Illumina Singapore

Dr. Lin Hui Chang is a Senior Scientist at Illumina Singapore. She is part of a group that is tasked to support the protein engineering effort for the company. Prior to Illumina, Lin Hui did her Ph.D. research focusing on protein engineering in ubiquitin signaling under the supervision of Prof. Eric R. Strieter at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

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