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Investigating genetic material within liquid biopsy samples presents many challenges. Targets are often low in abundance making them difficult to detect. They also present a complex matrix that can include inhibitors for detection by classical PCR. Many factors need to be considered to find the ideal molecular platform for liquid biopsy studies.

Stilla Technologies, Crystal Digital PCR is endpoint PCR. There is no need for a standard curve, and it provides absolute quantitation, increased sensitivity, and precision as well as high multiplexing with 6 color detection. The ideal liquid biopsy tool when applications rely on precision, sensitivity, and reproducibility. Its wide range of applications include rare event detections (oncology), environmental and food testing, pathogen detection and liquid biopsy.


Complete Guide to Applications for Digital PCR


Digital PCR Principle & Advantages
Liquid biopsy quantification using 6-color multiplexing for cancer panels


The naica® System harnesses the key principles of digital PCR and is designed to provide a sensitive, fast, and easy-to-use solution. An easy-to-use dPCR platform, it uses cutting-edge microfluidic technology to integrate the dPCR workflow onto a single consumable chip. The technology, known as Crystal Digital PCR™, partitions samples into a large array of thousands of individual droplet crystals – each its own reaction compartment – before amplifying nucleic acid molecules in each droplet crystal. These reactions are tagged with fluorophores to be read using up to six different fluorescence light channels.

The Process at A Glance:

Partitions the samples into thousands of droplets (droplets partition). Some are empty without any target of interest, some contained one target of interest, and some have multiple targets of interest.
Going through the thermocycler amplification, each partition will behave as an individual reaction and the amplification will only occur in the partitions containing the target of interest.
There will be an increase in fluorescence signal in that corresponding droplet.
An endpoint amplification occurs, and the detected fluorescence signal will be interpreted by the software. There will be a final positive band versus a negative band.
Ratio of positive droplets to the total number of droplets can be calculated using Poisson statistics which gives absolute quantification of the sample with a 95% confidence level.


Click here for Poisson Law calculation


Design and optimize high multiplexing digital PCR assays with the naica® system
Multicolor digital PCR for ctDNA detection in breast cancer


Sample Preparation (10min)
Prepare your reaction mix with optimized reagents such as naica® PCR MIX or naica® multiplex PCR MIX
Samples are loaded onto patented chip consumables with just a single pipetting step: the Ruby Chip and the Sapphire Chip
Thermocycler amplification using Geode- Crystal Digital PCR™ program (2 hours)
The chips are loaded into the naica® system’s thermocycler, the Geode
Pressure pushes the sample through channels in the chips to create tens of thousands of droplet crystals. Each droplet undergoes its own PCR amplification.
Image the chips and read using Prism6, consisting of 6 different fluorescence channels (<20min)
After PCR amplification of the sample droplets, the chips are placed into a 3-color or a 6-color fluorescence reader, known as the Prism.
Using intuitive Crystal Reader software, the scanning parameters are defined with just a couple of commands, and the droplets are imaged in up to six fluorescent channels.
Analyse using Crystal Miner software (5min)
Analyze data using 1D, 2D, or 3D dot plots
Explore Droplet Crystals and link any dot on the dot platos to its corresponding droplet in the Droplet Crystal
Obtain targeted nucleic acids concentrations
Access raw data and export all experiment details and results


Complete Hands-on Protocol


The naica® System Workflow


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