ORAcollect DNA | OCR-100

ORAcollect•DNA is a painless, non-invasive and easy-to-use DNA collection kit for self or assisted sample collection. ORAcollect•DNA is designed to collect, stabilize and protect DNA samples. DNA from ORAcollect•DNA can be used for genetic testing applications. Unlike buccal swabs, collected samples are liquid based, bacteriostatic and integrate easily in existing lab workflows.
Self- or assisted collection
Single sponge / average yield

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  • Introduction

    Product Benefits :

     Quick, reliable and easy collection protocol with no drying time needed
     High quality sample, the ORAcollect - DNA reagent is bacteriostatic and will inhibit the growth of bacteria from time of sample collection to processing
     High quality DNA for use in downstream molecular applications
     Full sample traceability with integrated barcodes
     Liquid sample that enables:
     use with liquid handling robots
     compatibility with standard labware
     easy processing
     no cutting of tips
     fewer manual steps reduces the chance of errors and cross contamination


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