OMNIgene®•SPUTUM is a non-toxic and highly stable reagent that liquefies and decontaminates sputum samples at the point-of-collection or in the lab while preserving MTb viability for at least 8 days at ambient temperatures. Optimized samples are compatible with all routine TB tests, enable cost-effective sample transport and simplify laboratory workflows while eliminating the need for NaOH/NALC.

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    Key features:

    Stabilize, liquefy and decontaminate samples at point-of-collection
    Optimize samples for all diagnostic algorithms
    Eliminate NaOH/NALC to simplify workflows
    Minimize contamination and cross-contamination


    Enable sample standardization and improve sample quality
    MTb bacteria remains viable for at least 8 days at ambient temperature
    Eliminate cost and complexity of cold chain shipping and storage
    Simplify sputum processing and batching in the lab
    Eliminate samples lost due to putrefaction
    Access and transport more samples at less cost


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