OMNIgene ORAL | OM-505

Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing give researchers the ability to easily detect and quantitate molecular targets in a highly multiplexed fashion. Due to the complex nature of samples required for metagenomic research of the microbiome, bias can be easily introduced through improper sample collection, stabilization and transport.
Easy self-collection and stabilization kit for saliva microbiome DNA and RNA analysis.

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  • Introduction

    Key features :

     Provides a snapshot of the microbial profile at time of collection and prevents microbial growth
     Stabilizes RNA at room temperature and DNA up to 37°C for 3 weeks
     Easy self-collection of high quality DNA and RNA from oral samples
     Eliminates the need for cold chain transportation
     Compatible with downstream applications (e.g., RT-qPCR, microarray)

    Benefits :

     Stabilizes samples at point of collection ensuring the DNA and RNA is unchanged at time of processing
     Facilitates simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA from bacteria and viruses all from one sample
     Reduces transportation and storage cost and complexity with 3 weeks of ambient temperature stability of DNA and RNA
     Enables identification of the living or metabolically active bacteria at time of collection through RNA expression profiling
     Format compatible with high-throughput processing increases efficiency and minimizes sample handling errors


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