nanoScan® SPECT/CT

Versatile SPECT/CT with absolute quantification and full stationary dynamic imaging.

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  • Introduction

    The nanoScan® SPECT system images radiotracers with absolute quantification, high sensitivity and high spatial resolution down to 0.3 mm in vivo.

    Wide range of patented multi-pinhole collimators available with optimized performance for any applications: from whole-body to focused scanning; imaging of mice, multiple mice, large rats and rabbits; from low energy tracers to theranostic isotopes. Best homogeneity on the market is achieved by helical scanning, while fastest 3D dynamic acquisitions are carried out in full stationary mode without gantry or table motion.

    Proprietary and patented* multi-pinhole aperture technology

    Cutting-edge aperture design resulting in market leading imaging performance
    Versatile, well-balanced, multi-pinhole apertures providing large single position field of view, high sensitivity and sub-mm resolution at the same time
    Flexible system design allowing not only mouse and rat but also larger animal (e.g. rabbit, monkey) imaging using parallel-hole collimators.


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