nanoScan® PET/MRI 3T and 7T

Full-scale, quantitative PET combined with a robust, cryogen-free MRI

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  • Introduction

    The new nanoScan® systems follow the footsteps of the first ever commercially available integrated preclinical PET/MRI system introduced by Mediso in 2011. The new nanoScan® PET/MRI systems are now equipped with both high-end PET with simultaneous capability and state-of-the-art superconducting MRI subsystems.

    The in-line PET subsystem features real dynamic scanning with the best count rate performance and highest resolution on the market, designed for quantitative imaging of mice, rats and even larger animals. When complemented with the PET insert the system covers every possible application in molecular imaging.

    The MRI subsystems equipped with robust cryogen-free superconducting translational 3T and ultra-high field 7T magnets enable high end in vivo imaging applications.


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