nanoScan® PET/CT

Real dynamic PET-system designed for quantitative studies.

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  • Introduction

    The nanoScan® PET system is equipped with the finest detector crystal needles ensuring high spatial resolution down to 700 μm in vivo.

    Quantitative results delivered over the widest range of radioactivity levels from 60 Bq to 60 MBq (1.6 nCi – 1.6 mCi). It covers the full range of PET applications from long-term cell tracking to dynamic studies with 11C- and 15O-labelled radiotracers in rats.

    Large ring diameter allows imaging of multiple mice and large animals, while the unique, Tera-Tomo™ 3D iterative reconstruction based on real-time Monte Carlo simulation ensures homogeneous image quality over the entire field of view.

    Open access to the animal during PET scanning gives full control over the animal studies.

    The PET system is also available in triple-modality combination with our high-end SPECT (nanoScan SPECT/CT/PET) or fully integrated with MRI (nanoScan PET/MRI).


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