Maurice innovates the conventional capillary electrophoresis technology to automate your protein profiling either by size or charge. Need cIEF and CE-SDS data for your mAbs, ADCs, vaccines or virus-like particles? Maurice does it all. Just pop in one of the preassembled cartridges, drop in your sample vials or a 96-well plate, and hit start. You will complete method development in a day; and get high-resolution, reproducible data in minutes.

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  • Introduction

    Maurice affords high-resolution characterization of charge variants by preserving our proprietary imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) technology, which has been the go-to method for measuring charge heterogeneity. The whole-column detection eliminates the post-focusing mobilization step needed with traditional cIEF, and can resolve your most challenging molecules including fusion proteins and hydrophobic ADCs.


    Minimum Sample Volume50 µL50 µL
    Sample DeliveryVacuumElectrokinetic
    Typical Separation Time6–10 min (molecule-dependent)Reduced IgG: 25 min,
    Non-reduced IgG: 35 min
    Detection CapabilityUV Absorbance at 280 nm
    Fluorescence: Ex 280 nm, Em 320–450 nm
    UV Absorbance at 220 nm
    Typical VoltagePre-focusing: 1500 V, focusing: 3000 VSeparation: 5750 V
    Sample Injections per Cartridge100 guaranteed, 200 maximum100 guaranteed, 200 maximum
    Maximum Sample Injections per Batch10048
    pI/Size Range2.85–10.4510–270 kDa
    pI/Sizing CV1%≤2%
    CV for Peaks >10% Composition≤5% (Intra-batch), ≤6% (Inter-batch)N/A
    Relative Migration Time CVN/A<1% for reduced IgG
    pI/Sizing Resolution0.05 pI units (for wide range 3–10 ampholytes)≥1.5 for NGHC/HC IgG Standard
    Dynamic Range2 logs2 logs
    Sensitivity (LOD)0.7 µg/mL (Native fluorescence)
    3.0 µg/mL (Absorbance)
    (Values based on a monoclonal antibody)
    0.3 µg/mL
    (Value based on Internal Standard)
    Sample Tray Options96-well plates or 48 vials
    Dimensions44cm H x 42cm W x 61cm D
    Weight46 kg (100 lb)