Lexogen - QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq V2 Library Prep Kit with UDI

The improved V2 series feature increased reading capacity of next-generation sequencers and provide even more robustness, ensuring that optimal performance will be guaranteed for any type of sample, including FFPE (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded) RNA extracts and very low sample inputs (down to 1ng).

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  • Introduction

    The new QuantSeq with UDI V2 kits are proposed as a series of 3’ mRNA-Seq library preparation kits including Lexogen’s patented 12 nucleotide-long Unique Dual Indices (UDI), in five different sets (A1, A2, A3, A4 and B1). These sets are identical to the ones of the original version 1.

     Keep working with the gold standard – same QuantSeq original technology
     Addition of Lexogen’s patented 12 nt UDI, for optimal demultiplexing
     Enhanced robustness for all your challenging samples (including FFPE)
     Free data analysis pipeline
     UDI Add-on modules available separately


    The UDI Add-on V2 modules are available for purchase separately, for existing kits without UDI (QuantSeq Flex, Reverse or Forward). They are delivered together with an improved PCR system, which can be seamlessly adapted to previous QuantSeq kits. For QuantSeq-Pool kits, you only need the UDI Set (without the PCR enzyme and buffer).

    QuantSeq with UDI V2 kits can still be used with the existing modules:

     PCR Add-on Kit for Illumina 020.96 – to determine the number of amplification cycles, by qPCR
     Reamplification Add-on Kit 080.96 – to reamplify undercycled libraries (on-demand kit)
     QuantSeq UMI module 081.96 – to add UMI to your libraries
     Blocking modules to prevent amplification of over-represented RNA sequences:
     Human globin: 070.96
     Pig globin: 071.96
     Mouse BC1: 167.96

    They are also compatible with library preparation kits from other vendors.


    Within the QuantSeq family, QuantSeq with UDI V2 is ideally suited for high-throughput (multiple samples) RNA sequencing experiments.
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     Consistent correlation between Fresh-Frozen and FFPE samples
     Excellent resistance against overcycling
     Optimal UDI deduplication capabilities


    QuantSeq has a short and simple workflow and can be completed within 4.5 hours. The required hands-on time is less than 2 hours. The kit uses total RNA as input, hence no prior poly(A) enrichment or rRNA depletion is needed.

    Click here for a detailed workflow.