i-Vac Vacuum Pump

 Oil-free working cavity
 Corrosion-resistant instrument parts (polyphenylene sulfide & aluminium alloy)
 Pressure indicator and negative pressure gauge for convenient operation
 Small footprint. Easy to move about

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  • Introduction

    Cat. No. E40010

    This multi-purpose, pollution-free mini vacuum pump is suitable for use in the chemical, electronic, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. The vacuum pump’s unique design allows for quick solvent filtering and degassing.


    Cat. No. E40010
    Rate of Flow 26L/min
    Vacuum Degree 0.08 Mpa
    Negative Pressure Adjust Range 0 – 0.08 Mpa
    Filtration Bottle Capacity 250 ml
    Power AC 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ, 60W