Gas incubation system

Find here gas mixers that upgrade the ibidi Heating System to a complete stage top incubator for all live cell imaging applications with CO2, O2, and humidity control.

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  • Introduction

    Stage top incubator that permits the user to control the temperature of samples held in multi-well plates
    Excellent illumination of the sample – no condensation due to heated top plate, and suitable for DIC
    Ideal for live cell imaging applications – full incubator conditions on the microscope
    System includes: ibidi Temperature Controller, Heated Plate for Multi-Well Format on K-Frame Stage (160mm x 110mm), Heated Lid



    Live cell imaging that requires incubator conditions on the microscope, for example:
    Cell migration, proliferation, wound healing
    Cell culture under flow
    Imaging applications with extra focus stability, for example:
    Confocal microscopy
    Anaerobic conditions or oxidative stress

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