EzCube Fluorometer

Illuminating Precision with Triple Fluorescent Channels.

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  • Introduction

    EzCube Fluorometer, featuring three selectable fluorescent channels, offers high-sensitivity and specific quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. It accurately measures low concentration samples with just 1 μl, making it ideal for demanding applications, including NGS.

    Combined with dedicated EzQuant quantification assays, an intuitive touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity, EzCube simplifies your quantification process for precision and ease.

    Enhanced Accuracy and Sensitivity

    Quantify low concentrations of DNA, RNA and protein with just 1 μl in seconds, more sensitive than UV absorbance measurements.

    Three Selectable Fluorescent Channels

    Choose dual or triple fluorescent channels flexibly to meet the specific requirements of your applications.
    Light Sources
    - Blue LED (max ~480 nm)
    - Red LED (max ~630 nm)
    - Green LED (max ~535 nm)

    Flexible Data Management

    Easily export your data via USB or Wi-Fi for quick and convenient access.

    Easy Operation

    Seamlessly control your workflow with an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen and a built-in reagent calculator.

    High Compatibility with Quantification Assays

    EzCube fluorometer works with EzQuant quantification assays and other commonly used options.
    - 1X dsDNA HS (High-Sensitivity)
    - ssDNA
    - RNA HS (High-Sensitivity)