Dye-based qPCR


Benefits :

Universal – both standard and fast cycling, all probe qPCR assays
qPCR of GC or AT rich templates, single-plex & multiplexing
Rapid extension, early Ct
Supplied with PCR Water

ProductSpecialtiesALLin™ buffer
with dNTPs
Fast CyclingGC/AT rich PCRHigh SensitivityHigh YieldsFidelity
vs Taq
Multiplex PCRCloning
ALLin™ Hot Start Taq Polymerase, 5 u/µlLow copy detection, fast, GC rich, direct PCR●●●●1X6 kb●●●●TA
ALLin™ Hot Start Taq Mastermix, 2XALLin™ Hot Start Taq in 2X mastermix●●1X6 kb●● ●●TA
ALLin™ HS Red Taq Mastermix, 2XALLin™ Hot Start Taq in 2X mastermix with Red dye for direct gel loading●●1X6 kb●●●●●TA
ALLin™ RPH Polymerase, 5 u/µlRobust, Proofreading, Hot-start Polymerase for long PCR●●~ 5X35 kb●●●●TA
ALLin™ RPH Mastermix, 2XALLin™ RPH Polymerase in 2X mastermix~ 5X35 kb●●●●TA


High Resolution Melting analysis (HRM) is a fast and simple technique for identification of DNA sequence variations. It allows identifying single nucleotide differences by detecting minor changes in qPCR melting curves. highQu ORA™ HRM qPCR Mix includes a proprietary intercalating saturating dye showing no inhibition for PCR. The dye has the same affinity for both AT or GC rich sequences what leads to highest accuracy in genotyping.

The hot-start function in the mix is based on the small molecular inhibitor technology and allows achieving highest sensitivity and specificity under both standard and fast qPCR cycling conditions. The mix provides excellent performance on both AT and GC rich templates and reliable results with minimum or no optimization. Our mastermixes are supplied with PCR Water to guaranty the best performance.