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Discover the most sensitive RNA-Seq kit in the market!


LUTHOR HD is the ultimate RNA-Seq library preparation kit to reveal all genes expressed in each cell. With LUTHOR HD, dive into high-definition!


Unparalleled Sensitivity in Subcellular Sequencing

LUTHOR HD allows to amplify minuscule amounts of RNA material to obtain a full understanding of each cell’s gene expression status!

 Unmatched sensitivity: See even lowly expressed genes (<10 copies/cell)
 UMIs included: Avoid any read count duplicates
 Direct RNA amplification: No more gDNA in your reads
 Compatible with "less-than-a-cell" inputs: Go below 10 pg


Areas of Application

High-definition single-cell RNA sequencing works best with ultra-low initial inputs (as low as 10 pg RNA). By seeing more genes than classical bulk scRNA-Seq methods, it expands transcriptomic analysis into new scientific applications.

 High-definition single-cell differential gene expression analysis
 Post-bulk scRNA-Seq characterization of cell subpopulation
 Rare cell RNA analysis (e.g., circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or innate lymphoid cells (ILCs))
 Subcellular (cytoplasm, organelle) RNA analysis
 Single nucleus RNA-Seq

Lexogen’s LUTHOR HD Application Note has been published in Nature: Advancing High-Definition Single-Cell RNA Sequencing. Click below link to read the full article!


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