Colli-Pee® | FV-5000

Colli-Pee is a СЄ-marked collection device for the collection of first-void urine (the first 20 ml of a urine sample) suitable for use in detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)1, early stage cancer screening (prostate2, kidney3, bladder3, pancreas4, lung5 and breast6 cancer) and disease follow-up
Colli-Pee is a non-invasive, user-friendly, self sampling device suitable for use in downstream infectious disease testing, biomarker discovery and diagnostic assays requiring first-void urine sample. Intended use: Colli-Pee device, FV-5000 series is a first-void urine 20 ml (18-22 ml) specimen collection device suited for both men and women.

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  • Introduction

    User Benefits :

     Non-invasive sampling method
     User-friendly collection device, suitable for both men and women
     Eliminate the challenge of urine flow interruption
     Hygienic self-sampling at home, no clinical settings required
     Provide a biopsy when tissue is an issue (biopsy on hard to reach tumor)

    Key Features :

     Designed to capture the first-void (first 20 ml of the urine sample)
     Volumetric sample, eliminating aliquot bias
     Scalable solution compatible with routine sample processing


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