Collagen Type I, Rat Tail

A high-quality rat tail collagen type I solution for cell culture applications (e.g., 3D gels, scaffolds, and coating)
 Provides in vivo-like extracellular matrix (ECM) structures
 Non-pepsinized, native collagen for modelling biological ECM in gel matrices
 Fast polymerization facilitates optimal cell distribution in 3D gels

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  • Introduction


    3D cell culture in in vivo-like matrices
    Live cell imaging in a 3D environment
    Creating a 3D scaffold for organoids and spheroids
    Chemotaxis assays in 3D collagen gels using the µ-Slide Chemotaxis
    Cell migration assays of suspension cells (e.g., leukocytes)
    Coating of cell culture vessels with a thin collagen layer to promote cell attachment
    Cell differentiation studies in a 2D versus 3D environment
    Highly suited for fluorescence microscopy due to low autofluorescence


    Technical Features :

    High-quality purified protein from rat tendons
    Highly standardized manufacturing process with stringent quality control
    Mild manufacturing process for highest levels of nativity
    Detailed protocol provided for easy handling
    Shipping on cool packs and storage at –20°C for well-defined quality and reproducibility
    Available in 2 concentrations: 5 mg/ml for standard applications and a high-concentrated solution with 10 mg/ml for special applications
    Highest level of natural cross-linking on the market (highest quality grade)
    High viscosity: special pipettes for highly viscous solutions are recommended
    Low autofluorescence