Cell Culture Reagents

A successful cultivation of cells needs good media and supplements.
To culture the various cell lines and cells you can find all media used by CLS for successful cultivation.

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  • Introduction

    For detachment: We recommend using Accutase, which gently detaches the cells from the bottom of the cell culture flask. Accutase works with most cell lines, except for some keratinocytes such as HaCaT.
    For cryopreservation: We recommend to use either CM-1, which contains serum, or the serum free freeze medium CM-ACF.
    Some cell lines such as NFS-60 or TF-1 need special ingredients in their culture medium. Our conditioned media are a good supply of these factors.
    Please download an overview of the CLS cell culture media here: liste-medien-webshop-2018.pdf


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