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CELENA® X High Content Imaging System

Automated high content image acquisition and analysis for drug discovery and cell biology.

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    The CELENA® X High Content Imaging System is an integrated imaging system designed for rapid, high content image acquisition and analysis. Customizable imaging protocols, image-based and laser autofocusing modules, and a motorized XYZ stage simplify well plate imaging and slide scanning. The integrated CELENA® X Cell Analyzer software processes images and data for quantitative analysis. Analysis pipelines can be put together and reused to identify cellular or subcellular objects, process images for optimal data collection, and make various measurements. The CELENA® X is as flexible as it is powerful, with interchangeable objectives and filter cubes to accommodate a wide range of fixed and live cell imaging applications.


    FULLY AUTOMATED PLATE AND SLIDE IMAGING· Automated vessel handling and scanning
    · Motorized XYZ stage, filter cube stage, and objective turret
    LASER AUTOFOCUS· Rapid and reproducible focusing
    · Minimized phototoxicity and photobleaching
    LIVE CELL ASSAY SUPPORTOnstage incubation system for a variety of experiments in physiological and non-physiological conditions
    FOUR IMAGING MODESFluorescence imaging in four channels, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast imaging
    POWERFUL, EASY-TO-USE USER INTERFACE· Simple setup of imaging protocols
    · Seamless integration of imaging and data analysis processes
    CUSTOMIZABLE HIGH CONTENT ANALYSIS· Create and customize image analysis projects
    · Quantitatively analyze multiple image-based phenotypes