Bioruptor® Pico (2020) sonication device

The Bioruptor® Pico is the latest innovation in shearing and represents a new breakthrough as an all-in-one shearing system capable of shearing samples from 150 bp to 1 kb.

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  • Introduction

    The Bioruptor Pico shearing accessories and consumables have been developed to allow flexibility in sample volumes (20 µl – 2 ml) and a fast parallel processing of samples (up to 16 samples simultaneously). The built-in cooling system (Bioruptor® Cooler) ensures high precision temperature control. The user-friendly interface has been designed for any researcher, providing an easy and advanced modes that give both beginners and experienced users the right level of control.

    In addition, Diagenode provides fully-validated tubes that remain budget-friendly with low operating cost (< 1€/$/DNA sample) and shearing kits for best sample quality.


    Application versatility :

     DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing
     Chromatin shearing
     RNA shearing
     Protein extraction from tissues and cells (also for mass spectrometry)
     FFPE DNA extraction
     Protein aggregation studies