Bioinert Slides & Dishes

Slides and dishes with a non-adherent surface for spheroids, organoids, and suspension cells. Also available as a channel slide for flow experiments.

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  • Introduction

    Long-term culture and high-resolution microscopy of spheroids, organoids, and suspension cells on a non-adherent surface.

     Superior to the standard ultra-low attachment (ULA) surfaces: stable, biologically inert surface for long-term experiments without any cell or biomolecule adhesion.
     Excellent microscopic quality without any autofluorescence: 100% surface passivation combined with the highest optical quality of the ibidi Polymer Coverslip.



    Generation and long-term culture of spheroids and organoids without scaffold
    High resolution fluorescence microscopy of organoids, spheroids, embryoid bodies (EBs), and cells in suspension
    Background-free analysis of cell-cell interactions
    Prevention of stem cell differentiation due to attachment
    Culture of suspension cells in a permanently unattached state
    Self-assembly tumor spheroid formation assays
    3D tumor spheroid models

    Technical Features
    Bioinert surface with long term passivation—superior to standard ULA surfaces:
    Ready-to-use without prior surface treatment or preparation
    No adsorption, coating, or binding of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, and other biomolecules
    Non-cytotoxic, biologically inert, and non-degradable

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