AdvanBlock-Chemi blocking solution

Signal-enhancing Western blot block solution for the best chemiluminescent signals.

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  • Introduction

    Enhanced signal – greatly enhances Western blotting signals
    Decreased background – decreased non-specific bands and lowered background
    Sensitivity – get better signals for low protein sample concentrations
    Convenience – Pre-made buffer means you save preparation and optimization time


    AdvanBlock™-Chemi is a novel blocking solution optimized to enhance specific antibody-antigen interactions for the best results in chemiluminescent Western Blots. This all-in-one blocking and antibody incubation solution is designed to improve sensitivity and decrease overall background. Non-specific binding caused by low quality antibodies is reduced while signal from the specific antibody-antigen complex is stabilized and enhanced.

    AdvanBlock™-Chemi is provided as a convenient ready-to-use 1x solution intended to directly replace other commonly used blocking buffers for Western Blotting.