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Traceless Affinity Selection
The Fab-based traceless affinity cell selection (Fab-TACS®) technology represents an affinity chromatography system for non-magnetic isolation of exosomes. It is based on Twin-Strep-tagged CD-speci c Fab fragments (Fabs), which reversibly capture and release the exosomes. The technology delivers label-free exosomes with intact biological functions in a standardized manner with highly reproducible quality. The exosomes can be isolated from different cell culture supernatants, serum and plasma.
Simple Workflow
Columns for exosomes are filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated matrix made of cell-grade agarose. Strep-tagged low affinity Fab fragments (Fab-Streps) specifically bind to the matrix. Subsequently, cell culture supernatants, serum, plasma or other preparations pass through the column. Exosomes adhere to the matrix based on the exclusive binding of the Fab-Strep to the target. Unwanted material is efficiently washed away. In a final step, the addition of biotin causes the elution of the exosomes and the Fab-Streps due to the higher affinity of biotin to Strep-Tactin®. After elution, the Fab-Streps self-dissociate from the vesicle surface. The label-free authentic exosomes are now ready for further downstream applications. In case ultra-pure exosome preparations without Biotin and Fabs are required, size exclusion chromatography or hydrostatic filtration dialysis can be performed.
High Quality Exosme Isolation

Minimal contamination by other EVs

The particle size is a critical factor in evaluating the quality of isolated exosomes. 99% of particles isolated from cell culture supernatants of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) fell within the range of 30 - 150 nm (A). This indicates strong exosome enrichment. In comparison, only 32% exosome-sized particles were detected after puri cation with a commercially available PEGylation kit (B), implying contamination by larger extracellular vesicles.

High content of exosome proteins

Since other same-sized non-exosome contaminants may contribute to the pool of isolated particles, the vesicles purified by our Fab- TACS® isolation technology from MSC supernatants were tested for the presence of marker proteins CD63 and Alix. Both proteins were clearly present within the purified particles (C), confirming their exosome phenotype.

Reproducible results

Depending on MSC donor, cell culture supernatant compositions may vary. Purified exosomes of three independent isolations from different MSC donors were very comparable in their size ranging from 86 nm to 90 nm average diameter. All isolations yielded around 94% of particles between 30 and 150 nm in size (D). Besides high purity, this demonstrates a high reproducibility of our Fab-TACS® exosome isolation technology.

Source-independent application

Important exosomes sources also include a variety of human bodily fluids such as blood and urine. Similar to isolations from cell culture supernatants, 96% of particles purified from human serum exhibited the typical exosome size of 30 to 150 nm (E).  

Quick and simple

Due to the surface protein specificity of the Fab-TACS® isolation technology, time-consuming centrifugation steps or extensive sample preparations are not necessary. The protocol is easy and straight-forward, permitting efficient and high quality exosome isolation also for newcomers in the field of exosome research. Additionally, the short processing time minimizes the stress of cargo contained within the exosomes.

AUM Biotech: FANA Oligos Promotion

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Free Scamble Control
with every purchase of set of 4 FANA Oligos
4 FANAs per mRNA Knockdown (1 Target) at 10 nmoles
Free 1 SCR Control at 10 nmole
4 FANAs per mRNA Knockdown (1 Target) at 25 nmoles
Free 1 SCR Control at 25 nmole
4 FANAs per mRNA Knockdown (2 Target) at 10 nmoles each
Free 1 SCR Control at 25 nmole
Why use FANA Oligo For RNA Silencing
The Basics
Transfection Reagents
Not Required
FANA proprietary technology allows very high specificity for the target RNA
RISC Associated Off Targetting
Ease of Use in Different Model Systems
Basic Cell Line, Primary Cells & Difficult to Transfect Cells Easy to use. No transfection reagents required. Mix FANA oligos with the cells
Fish Models Can work in fish models (example zebrafish)
Transition from Basic Cell Lines to Primary Cells to Animal Models Easy and convenient single step process
Key Attributes
Toxicity Non-toxic
Stability Resistant to degradation by serum and cellular nucleases
Resources and Time Saving Minimal resources needed and easy to Optimize
Cost Savings Up to 80% more cost efficient in terms of time and money
FANA Treatment Workflow
Mode of Action
FANA oligos uses RNase H-mediated cleavage, eliminating RISC-associated offtarget effects often observed with siRNA
FANAs directly targets RNA present within the nucleus
FANAs can be self-delivered and do not need transfection reagents or delivery agents

Little Lunatic Trade-in Promotion 2021

Going smaller
Little Lunatic is there for labs that have fewer samples and lower requirements. It uses a chip-based version of the Lunatic plate to get quick concentration measurements of up to 16 samples in 5 minutes. Researchers that just need a quick check of concentration can get what they need from this little guy.
Simple Workflow
Skip the sample prep, cleaning and worrying about cross-contamination or evaporation – your samples will sit tight for up to 2 hours. Our Lunatic chips runs 16 samples in 5 minutes. Each microfluidic circuit has two fixed pathlengths built-in to cover a wide dynamic range of 0.03-275 OD. All you do is load up your samples and get kick-ass results.
Max out your biologic
Lunatic is the only system out there that can measure biologics at high-throughput and high concentration. It’s got dynamic range that covers from 0.02 mg/mL to 200 mg/mL (mAb), so run any protein without ever having to dilute again. Stop the madness of running just one protein at a time and cleaning up afterwards.
Dig up your genomic's dirt
Lunatic analysis software lets you see annoying impurities that classic A260 measurements alone mistake as your DNA or RNA. Find out exactly how much RNA, turbidity, beads and other influencers are screwing up your nucleic acid quantification. Ditch the time-sucking, dye-based prep and know right away if your samples are good to go.
Ridiculously good data
Get spot-on precision within 1% and accuracy within 2%. Using two fixed pathlengths, Lunatic gets you jaw-dropping data at both low and high protein concentrations and nails the expected concentrations every time. With the smallest sample size, the highest throughput and crazy accurate results, Lunatic is hands down the best tool out there for protein quantification.
Accuracy you can show off
Lunatic has shocking accuracy and wants to prove it. Using the Fundamentals tryptophan standards, the accuracy, precision and linearity of the instrument can be proven at any time — at the protein-relevant 280 nm wavelength and OD range of 20-225. Be confident about every sample with data that leaves no room for doubt.
Downstream ready
Smash through the USP & Ph. Eur. UV/Vis requirements for absorbance accuracy, precision, linearity, wavelength accuracy, stray light and resolution with performance verification measurements of independently certified NIST standards. Lunatic is ready when you are to get validated and make the move into QC.
Terms& Conditions
Trade-in is available to Fluorometer and UV-Vis Spectrophotometer of any brand
Trade-in Promotion is only valid from 1 May 2021 to 31 December 2021
Sciencewerke Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend, delete or add to any terms and conditions on this trade-in promotion from time to time without prior notice

Diagenode Summer Promotion

* Promotional prices will expire on December 31, 2021
Buy 2 get 1 freeChIP-seq grade antibodies
Every lot is validated for specificity and sensitivity for actual ChIP
Batch-specific data available on website
100% satisfaction guarantee
DNA Methylation
Buy a RRBS kit and get a free magnetic rack 0.2ml
Choose the best solution for bisulfite conversion followed by sequencing to get DNA methylation status of your samples. Our kits contains high quality reagents to get the highest performance with an optimized user­ friendly protocol.
Buy Tag kit for ChIPmentation, Chipmentation or µChipmentation kit for histones 24 rxn and get one set of 24 indexes
ChIPmentation technology, based on tagmentation, enables the integration of library preparation during ChIP itself using transposase and sequencing-compatible adaptors. Unlike standard library preparation techniques that require multi-step ligation, ChIPmentation incorporates an easier and shorter protocol.
Buy a D-Plex kit and get a free magnetic rack 0.2ml
D-Plex ultrasensitive, ligation-free method utilizes the capture and amplification by tailing and switching for library preparation from ultra-low input amounts, down to 10 pg for small RNAs and 100 pg for total RNAs.
Buy a new Bioruptor and get a free Easy Shear Kit
Our Bioruptor ultrasonication system has been cited in over 4,000 publications. Excellent reproducibility from temperature control and up to 16 samples at one time. Perfect for chromatin shearing and DNA shearing and many more applications.

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Brightfield and Fluorescence Cell Counters Promotion 2022

From now until 30 June 2022, purchase any unit of LUNA II™, LUNA FL™ or LUNA FX7™ and receive up to 1,000 complimentary cell counting slides* plus 1-year extended warranty!

*Complimentary slides quantities assigned differ for the respective LUNA units on promotion. Refer to promotional details for more information.

LUNA II™ Automated Cell Counter (L40001, L40002) 200 Free Cell Counting Slides (L12001)+ 1-year Extended Warranty (L46001)
LUNA FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter (L20001) 500 Free Cell Counting Slides (L12002) + 1-year Extended Warranty (L26001)
LUNA FX7™ Automated Cell Counter (L71001) 1,000 Free Cell Counting Slides (L12003) + 1-year Extended Warranty (L76001)

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