Need High Throughput for Your Cell Culture Assays?

High-resolution cell microscopy on a tissue culture-treated surface
Brilliant fluorescence imaging without autofluorescence
Ready for HTS and robotics: compliant with ANSI / SLAS (SBS)

µ-Plate 24 Well, µ-Plate 96 Well, µ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 Well 


Available in October, 2018:
The ibidi µ-Plate 384 Well with clear bottom and clear walls.
Check out our website for more information soon.
Perform High-Throughput Screenings With Reproducible Results
μ-Plate 24 Well| μ-Plate 96 Well

Flat ibidi Polymer Coverslip bottom for high-resolution live cell imaging
Without autofluorescence or well-to-well crosstalk for excellent immunofluorescence microscopy

Immunofluorescence staining of MDCK cells. Ideal for:

Live cell imaging
Fluorescence microscopy
Compound screenings (toxicology)
Large-scale transfection assays
Wound healing assays using the μ-Plate 24 Well in combination with the ibidi Culture-Inserts

Conduct Angiogenesis Assays and Get Brilliant Cell Visualization
μ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 Well
Well-in-a-well technology for brilliant cell visualization without meniscus
Low well volume for cost-effective angiogenesis assays
Tube formation assay of HUVEC. Ideal for:
Live cell imaging
Fluorescence microscopy
Angiogenesis and tube formation assays
High throughput screening of anti-angiogenic drug potential