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Kepada Bapak Ibu Peneliti, Sivitas Akademika, Praktisi Industri, Pecinta Sains, serta Masyarakat Indonesia Umum, Salam sehat penuh semangat! Sebagai sumbangsih kami terhadap kebutuhan informasi analisis di laboratorium dan perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan Indonesia, kami mempersembahkan seminar daring: Present Gool Webinar S.2 Ep.2 “Aplikasi Kromatografi dalam Analisis Senyawa Baru” PEMBICARA: 1. Syaefudin, Ph.D, Departemen Biokimia FMIPA, IPB “Prinsip dasar dan aplikasi kromatografi dalam analisis senyawa baru: analog asteltoksin sebagai insektisida” 2. Sujono, M.Si, Divisi Analytic, Sciencewerke “Kromatografi ion termoderasi dan portofolio pendukung” JADWAL: 🗓 Tanggal: Kamis, 29 Juli 2021 🕘 Waktu: 10.00-11.35 WIB 💻 Platform: Zoom Webinar Registrasi: [button link="https://bit.ly/SW-KROMATOGRAFI"]Daftar di Sini[/button] 📌CP: 08558647071 (Jono) Sampai bertemu di acara, kami akan menyuguhkan ilmu bermanfaat dan apresiasi bagi yang beruntung. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya Regards, SW Indonesia

[Sciencewerke Talks] Western Blotting Best Practices : From Basic To Data Analysis

PT. Sciencewerke proudly present : Sciencewerke Talks Webinar Ep. 2 "Western Blotting Best Practice - From Basic to Data Analysis" SPEAKERS dr. Dono Indarto, M.Biotech.St, Ph.D., AIFM “Western Blot : Principle and Applications in Biomedical Research” Biomedical Laboratory and Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta Dr. rer. nat. Sony Adhi Susanto M.Sc, S.Si “Best Practices for the Best Western Blots” Application Scientist, PT. Sciencewerke Kurdianto, M.Si “Stain-free Western Blot : Get Your Results Faster and Better !” Product Manager, PT. Sciencewerke 🗓️ Wednesday , 28 July 2021 ⏰ 09.30-11.30 WIB 📮 Zoom Meeting 📧 kurdianto@sciencewerke.com 📱 08558647064 FREE E-CERTIFICATE Register here : [button link="https://bit.ly/SW-WESTERNBLOT"]Register Now[/button] Regards, PT. Sciencewerke

The Use of Experimental Animals and Data Analysis in Marked Material Research Workshop (BATAN)


This workshop aimed to understand the basic knowledge and principle about the usage of experimental animals in biomedical experiments and to know how to analyze data in marked material reseaches by using Gamma Counter. This workshop was held on 21-22 November 2018 in Center for Applied Nuclear Science and Technology (PSTNT), National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), Bandung, Indonesia.

Event Details : Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Presentation about the basic knowledge of the usage of experimental animals by The Speakers :

1. drh. Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi, PhD, Cert.LAM (The Principle of Experimental Animals)

2. drh. Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi, PhD, Cert.LAM. (Animal Models in Biomedical Researches)

3. dr. Mas Rizky AA Syamsunarno, PhD (The Usage of Experimental Animals in Metabolic Disease Researches)

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Introduction to practical on experimental animals by Mr Wawan from BATAN and explanation about Wizard Gamma Counter from PT Sciencewerke. Followed by the experimental animals which included animals handling, Tc-99m injection, biodistribution test and data analysis by using Wizard Gamma Counter. The event ended with a visit to Triga Reactor in BATAN.

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Workshop IMERI Jakarta

Event: Beyond Stem Cells: Cellular and Metabolic Approach for Regenerative Medicine Date:18th of September 2018 Venue: Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI), Jakarta

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Workshop is part of 3rd Open Scientific Meeting with the title of "Beyond Stem Cells: Cellular and Metabolic Approach for Regenerative Medicine". This workshop was conducted on Tuesday, 18th of September 2018 in Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI), Jakarta. The event started with introduction to the basic theory, isolation and application of hematopoietic stem cells from IMERI. PT Sciencewerke which was representated by Muhareva Raekiansyah, PhD involved in giving workshop and assisting the participants about isolating hematopoietic stem cells by using magnetic column free. This workshop gave exposure to the participants which included clinicians, researchers and students to explore more about stem cells as regenerative medicine.

The 3rd Scientific Symposium

    Event: The 3rd Scientific Symposium Date: 19th-20th of September 2018 Venue: Grand Mercure Ballroom, Jakarta

PT Sciencewerke participated in The 3rd Scientific Symposium on 19th-20th of September 2018 in Grand Mercure Ballroom, Jakarta. The symposium is a part of 3rd Open Scientific Meeting with the title of "Beyond Stem Cells: Cellular and Metabolic Approach for Regenerative Medicine". This event included plenary lectures, open discussions and expo. We opened a booth and promoted our company to the scientists, clinicians and academicians as the participants.

Halal Seminar and Workshop ITS Surabaya

  Event: Implementation of Science for Halal Testing Purposes by DNA and Protein-Based Methods Date: 30th January 2018 Venue: Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Halal Science Center, Surabaya Halal Seminar and Workshop titled "Implementation of Science for Halal Testing Purposes by DNA and Protein Based Methods" was held in Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Halal Science Center, Surabaya on Tuesday, 30th January 2018. This seminar and workshop aimed to introduce molecular methods as the implementation of halal testing. This event started with an introduction of the basic principles, titled "Molecular Approach Based on DNA Techniques for Halal Testing Implementation" by Imam Hardiman, M.Sc from PT Sciencewerke and "Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)/Gelatin Sensor" by Dr. rer. Nat Fredy Kurniawan, M.Si from Halal Center ITS.

Assisted by Sciencewerke team, the participants experienced on halal testing by using Real-Time PCR. The activities started from doing pig DNA extractions from several unique samples, introduction to the software used and how to run Real-Time PCR. There was also a presentation about "Molecular Science Solutions for Approaching Halal Market Trend" from Auline Muliasari, SSi, followed by a discussion regarding data analysis and interpretation related to the PCR result.

Full Screening and Identification for SARS-CoV-2 and Variants

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Official Distributor for PolyAn GmbH

Sciencewerke Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that we are the official distributors for PolyAn GmbH Our variety of solutions include: Microarray Consumables - PolyAn is one of the leading producers of functionalized substrates for microarrays. Our wide range of surfaces, substrates and handling tools for microarrays enables our customers to select the most suitable substrate for their specific application. Our products include plastic and glass slides, coverslips as well as functionalized plastic films and 96-well plates for DNA-, peptide- or protein microarrays. Additionally, PolyAn is the European distributor of Grace Bio-Labs’ Nitrocellulose slides, SecureSeal and ProPlate product families. With our microarray consumables we enable applications ranging from low-density microarrays for diagnostic tests to ultra-high density arrays for pharma screening. Fluorescent Microparticles (beads, microspheres, sub-micron particles) - PolyAn is offering a portfolio of monodisperse microparticles (beads) and sub-micron particles for agglutination and turbimetric assays, cell interaction studies and instrument calibration. For flow cytometers and fluorescence imaging systems PolyAn offers multiplex bead sets with up to 25 distinct populations. PolyAn’s microparticles can be colour-encoded with a wide range of fluorescent dyes and functionalized with PolyAn reactive 3D-matrices for covalent coupling of biomolecules. Calibration Tools for Fluorescence Imaging Systems - PolyAn’s calibration slides are designed for the routine calibration of confocal fluorescence microscopes and other fluorescence imaging systems. PolyAn’s calibration slides for cell assays are primarily used as quality controls in IVD systems for immunology applications. To find out more about PolyAn GmbH, click here.  

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