Logos Biosystems LUNA Cell Counter Promotion 2020

Get 5 Boxes of Disposable Slides Free, with every purchase of LUNA, LUNA-II or LUNA-FL


Small yet powerful, the LUNA-II™ is cell counting convenience at its finest. Simply insert your sample and the LUNA-II™ does the rest: autofocus, adjust light, and count in just 15 seconds.




The LUNA™ classic can count stained or unstained cells in just 7 seconds. Simple and accurate, the LUNA™ remains a favorite.





Equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, the LUNA-FL™ is a powerhouse. The LUNA-FL™ can assess cell counts, viability, and GFP transfection efficiency without being limited by cell type or size.



Terms and Conditions

Promotion period from 1 October 2020 to 31 December 2020

Free PhotonSlides™ only applicable with every purchase of LUNA FL™

Free LUNA™ Cell Counting Slides only applicable with every purchase of LUNA™ or LUNA II™

Promotion cannot be combined with other special offers

Quote “LUNA20” upon order to take part in the promotion



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