Etaluma-Next-Gen Microscopy (Workshop)

Date : 30th May 2018, Wednesday
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: Level 6, Immunos Building, Room 6.12A (Support Room)
Speaker: Roeswita Leono (MSc) | Application Manager

Introducing Etaluma LS720, a fully automated three colour fluorescence microscope with a transmitted or phase contrast fourth channel. It allows multi-position imaging over long periods for time-lapse and live video image collection.

Come and join us for a hands-on demonstration session on Etaluma LS720!

Workshop Highlights:

10am-10:30am    Introducing of Etaluma LS720 Technology
10:30am-11am    Demonstration of Etaluma LS720 using pre-stained slide
11am-12pm         Hands on- *Hands-on with your own samples*

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*Please register before 20th May 2018 if you are interested to have a hands-on experience with your own samples